Will My Gutters Freeze this Winter?

During the winter, there are many things around your house you need to think about. One that can quickly go unnoticed is frozen gutters. While you might worry about frozen pipes, frozen gutters can also be an issue. As water freezes, it can clog your gutters with ice. This can then make it so water can’t drain, leading to water damage or flooding problems.

So, to help you keep your gutters from freezing this winter, the Affordable Gutter Service has put together this helpful guide with prevention tips.

Tip 1: Install Gutter Guards

The best and easiest way to keep your gutters from freezing is to install gutter guards. These will keep out debris and even ice. Plus, there are gutter guards that heat up to prevent ice from forming. At Affordable Gutter Service, we also provide gutter guard installation to help protect your gutters in the cold weather.

Tip 2: Keep the Gutters Cleaned

Another way to keep gutters from freezing and closing is to clean them somewhat regularly. It’s especially important to clear them out once most of the leaves are done falling. During this process, you should also clear out the downspouts. And, if you need assistance, reach out to our gutter professionals for a gutter cleaning service.

Tip 3: Use a De-Icer

Using a de-icer is an excellent idea to prevent frozen gutters, but you have to be careful about which kind you use. Salt-based products are bad for rain gutters as they can ruin the metal. Instead, go with a magnesium chloride option that’s safe and not corrosive. Also, be sure to use a non-toxic product that won’t ruin plants or harm animals once it gets down the downspout.

Tip 4: Clear Off Snow

If your rooftop is accumulating snow or it snows a lot where you’re at, it’s a wise idea to clear off some of the excess. This is good for your gutters and for your roof. But, remember to be careful, especially if using a ladder. If you need assistance clearing your gutters or roof, it’s best to reach out to a professional.

Year-Round Gutter Services in St. George

The professionals at Affordable Gutter Service provide gutter services no matter what time of year it is. We can install new gutters, repair existing ones, and clean your gutters. If you have questions about maintaining your gutters during the winter, feel free to reach out to us. You can also give us a call to request a gutter service.