The gutters of your home are your first line of defense against the potential damage of rainwater. No matter how sturdy their original installation, though, the regular wear and tear of each passing year means you will need to replace your rain gutters sometime in the future. When that time comes, how do you know what time of year is best to contact Affordable Gutter Service for brand-new gutters? Here are a few warning signs and tips to help you schedule this important home improvement project.

What Are Signs That My Gutters Need Replacing?

A gutter’s job is pretty simple: make sure that rainwater doesn’t pour directly from your roof to the ground below. With the water properly drained down to one location, rain gutters mitigate the threat of potential flood damage to basements and home foundations.

There are a few problems that become apparent when your gutters can no longer protect your home:

  • Gutters that overflow instead of drain
  • Fallen nails and fasteners beneath gutters that can lead to sagging
  • Sagging sections of gutter that threaten to buckle and fall
  • Broken or cracked sections that leak

What Should I Do to Protect My Home All Year Round?

Living in southern and central Utah can make it easy to neglect the health of your gutters. Unlike other parts of the country, we don’t encounter frequent rainstorms that would give us obvious clues about the conditions of our gutters. When those heavy desert storms roll through, though, it’s easy to see any gutter problems.


In general, winter isn’t a good time to have outdoor home improvements done. This is especially true if the year is wet and cold. Gutter cleaning may be an exception, but it’s better to use the winter months to identify any problems your gutters may have as they drain away the rain.


A good way to remember your gutters is to include them with your other yearly home maintenance tasks. When it’s time to check the filters in your furnace and air conditioning unit, take the opportunity to inspect your gutters. If they’re ready for a change, you’ll be glad you took a look at them early on.


When the spring storms have gone by and before autumn starts, it’s the best time to call us for custom gutter installation. The summer is also an excellent time to perform gutter maintenance. Scheduling a replacement in late May or early June will give you the best chance to protect your home. You may even contact us sooner to schedule a time that works best for your daily life; summer is our busiest time of year, and it’s always good to avoid the rush.

Get Custom Gutters for Your Home When You Need Them

While spring and summer are usually the best times of year to have gutters installed, we can install them anytime, especially in emergencies! If your gutters are barely hanging on for dear life, Affordable Gutter Service is here to help. Serving St. George, Utah, and the surrounding communities, we design and install only the highest quality gutters. Contact us today for pricing and availability.