Top Gutter Options for Your Commercial Property

Top Gutter Options for Your Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property, it’s important that it’s set up with a functioning gutter system to collect and redirect rainwater and prevent flooding and water damage. However, choosing the right system for your building is even more essential. Although they serve the same purpose, rain gutter systems and downspouts for commercial properties often differ significantly in size, style, and materials from residential systems.

One reason for this is because the buildings themselves vary widely. An office, commercial, manufacturing, or industrial space most often looks very different from a residential home, and thus needs a different gutter system to work effectively. Commercial properties are also often subject to additional building safety codes and regulations, which a local gutter company will have extensive experience with. It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different systems available, and if you’d like more information, the professionals at Affordable Gutter Service are always willing to help you understand your options.

Gutter Materials

Residential homes frequently utilize gutter systems with an attractive appearance, such as copper, or low cost, like vinyl. However, commercial properties usually prioritize durability, and the best materials for long-lasting reliability are steel, aluminum, and zinc. All of these materials are long-lasting and undergo additional treatments to increase their resistance to corrosion and weather damage. Because steel is so heavy, it should be installed by an experienced professional only.

Gutter Styles

Residential rain gutter systems often come in K-shaped and U-shaped or half-round styles. While both of these styles can be used on commercial buildings as well (and U-shaped gutters frequently are), the most common commercial gutter shape is the box gutter. This type of gutter has a much wider and taller volume, allowing for the capture of more water in the case of larger buildings. This style of gutter is more likely to collect debris, so regular gutter cleaning is necessary. However, commercial properties are less likely to have large trees overhead, which can mitigate the issue. Leaf guards or debris filters can also be installed over box gutters to help reduce the risk of buildup and blockage.

Gutter Sizes

Although they can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, the most commonly seen sizes of rain gutters are 5-inch and 6-inch widths. For standard commercial properties not requiring specialized systems, the 6-inch size is frequently used. Downspouts are usually smaller.

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