How to Hang Christmas Lights with Leaf Guards

Gutter guards are a great investment to keep leaves and debris from entering your gutter system and blocking the passage. Plus, with protection against these agents, you don’t need to clean your gutters frequently.

But during the holiday season, gutter guards can be a bit of an obstacle in the decorations. The guard prevents certain types of light clippings from being attached firmly. But you can easily overcome this inconvenience with these few helpful tips.

Prepare for Installation

Before you install the lights, you need to prepare and map out where the lights would go. You don’t want to carry your lights and tools up and down the ladder multiple times to make changes to the arrangement.

Secondly, you might need to do some cleaning before the installation. Since Christmas comes post-autumn, there will likely be leaves and debris collected on top of the guard. Since guards protect the gutter from clogs, the leaves might still collect on the cover. This might also be a good time to contact a professional gutter cleaning service to get a thorough cleaning done before installing the Christmas lights.

A. Attach the Lights to Shingles

One way to avoid the problem is to avoid attaching lights to gutter guards at all. But beware not to nail the shingles because it can void your roof warranty. If your gutter guard is installed under the shingles, then most of the shingle clips would do the job. However, beware that this may not be ideal if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. The snow will engulf the lights and blur them from view.

B. Use Under-Gutter Clips

Instead of over-gutter installation, you may want to consider under-gutter options since they work just as well. An all-in-one clip can wrap around the gutter and easily secure the lights on the underside of the gutter. This will steer the clips clear from the gutter cover and provide a simple solution to hang the holiday lights.

C. Use Sticky Clips

Another great way to install Christmas lights is to use adhesive clips. These clips are attached directly to the front of the gutter and have a strong adhesive that will keep them firmly in their place. They are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about water and moisture interfering with the stickiness. Unlike regular clips, however, adhesive clips are not reusable and are likely to fall in severe weather.

Gutter guards are a great tool for gutter protection, and knowing how to install Christmas lights will allow you to enjoy the holidays without having to worry about the guard getting in your way. Reach out to Affordable Gutter Service, and we can provide professional service to clean your gutter guards and help prepare your gutters for holiday lights.