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Rain Gutter Cleaning in St. George


Being a homeowner is great until it comes to all the property maintenance that comes with it. You have to maintain your home, make repairs, and keep it clean. Little things like cleaning out the rain gutters don’t seem as pressing as a fallen roof or a leaking toilet. However, rain gutters fill up over time and can cause damage just as severe as bigger home maintenance problems. Ultimately, keeping your gutters clean and unclogged is just as important as repairing your home’s broken windows.

Regular gutter cleaning is the best way to prevent blockage from building up and causing damage. Instead of spending your day off taking moldy foliage out of your gutter, let our knowledgeable experts at Affordable Gutter Service do it for you!

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Why Clean Your Rain Gutters?

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Clean gutters might not seem important, but they can have a huge impact on your home. When functioning properly, rain gutters move rainwater away from your roof and the rest of the building. But when rain gutters fill up with debris, only a small portion of the rainwater goes down the gutter while the rest pools around the debris.

When your gutters are clogged and rainwater has nowhere to go, you can have several issues on your hands.

  • Your foundation can be damaged. All the rain from the gutters overflows from the roof down to your foundation. This standing water will crack your foundation.
  • Your walls and ceilings can leak. Rainwater can rot the boards that your gutters are on, leading to leaks across your ceiling. Additionally, the water is pulled down your walls by gravity, leaving wet paths in its wake.
  • Your gutters can break or even collapse. Rain gutters are meant to direct water, not hold it. When your gutters are tasked with holding rainwater and debris, they can be overwhelmed by the weight and break.

DIY vs. Professional Rain Gutter Cleaning Services

While it can certainly be done on your own, cleaning out your gutters is a task better left to the professionals. We recommend that you have your gutters cleaned once or twice a year, depending on where you live and how many trees you have near your home. Though some people clean their own gutters, there are several advantages to having professionals like Affordable Gutter Service do it for you.

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Greater Safety

Cleaning your own rain gutters might not sound difficult, but when you throw in an unstable ladder, slimy debris, and inadequate tools, it’s not easy or safe. We have the right tools to get the job done without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

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Thorough Cleaning

You can expect high attention to detail when our professionals take on your gutter cleaning project. We have the tools and experience to do a high-quality gutter cleaning that leaves nothing but a thorough clean behind.

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Detect Potential Trouble

Professional gutter cleaners are very familiar with what a functioning gutter system should look like. We’ll be able to spot and alert you to something that could be a problem down the road that you might miss on your own.

Why Choose Affordable Gutter Service
for Your Gutter Cleaning?

At Affordable Gutter Service, we provide professional gutter services at a low cost, especially when compared to other Utah rain gutter repair services in the area. Not only that, but we have been screened, approved, and top-rated by HomeAdvisor for our elite services! But that’s not the only reason you should choose us to clean your gutters.

We can get the job done safely and efficiently while detecting any gutter damage. All the products and services we offer are high-quality as well. If you’d like any other gutter services done at the time of the cleaning, we’re more than happy to help you! We also offer gutter installation, gutter repair, seamless gutters, and leaf guards!

Residential Gutter Cleaning by Affordable Gutter Service

Save the hassle and time of cleaning your gutters yourself by working with Affordable Gutter Service. You can rest at ease knowing that you’ll have clean, functioning gutters for a low price. Keep you and your home safe with professional gutter cleaning services. Our responsive and punctual workers have 10+ years of experience serving St. George and several surrounding areas!

When you’re ready to get your rain gutters taken care of, turn to the experts at Affordable Gutter Service. Contact us for a free gutter cleaning quote or to discuss our other gutter services today!