Five Ways to Prevent Roof Damage

Five Ways to Prevent Roof Damage

One of the most important parts of your home is the protective surface right above your head: the roof. Without having a strong and reliable roof over your head, leaks can get through inside and cost a fortune to fix! The roof of your home is one of the main contributors to how much your energy costs are as well, making any damage cost even more than you may think. Whether your home is new or old, here are a few ways you can keep your roof and gutters ready for when the rain falls.

1. Seal and Protect Your Roof from the Inside

Not every home comes with an easily accessible attic space. In fact, the attic in your home may only be a crawlspace of cross beams, insulation, and electric wires. With such attics, it can be very difficult to identify issues before it becomes too late to repair yourself. Even if your home is brand-new, take time to examine your roof from the inside. With your own sealant, examine the joints and flashing in your attic and reinforce your home’s protection, paying close attention to any sealant that has become worn or poorly applied. Keep an eye out for any water spots as you perform your inspection. You may even identify punctures in your roof through which you can see light. In cases like this, it may be time for a more serious fix.

2. Keep Gutters Clean and Clear

As painful as the thought may be, keeping the gutters of your home free and clear of debris is vital to keeping the elements outside where they belong. As you can imagine, clogged gutters allow water to overflow and flood directly off the roof to the ground below. Basements can be easily flooded by this mismanaged flow, especially through below-ground window wells. Basement windows, unfortunately, are not waterproof like a submarine!

Of course, the first rule of cleaning gutters is to stay safe. Always make sure your ladder is dependable and secure, and, if possible, recruit a family member or neighbor to spot you as you work. If your home has a high roof, especially one that is two stories up, consider calling professionals that have years of experience. Over 90,000 emergency room visits happen each year due to a fall from the gutter, so keep this in mind.

3. Install Gutter Guards (Correctly)

To put it simply, gutter guards are pieces of hardware designed to keep debris like leaves and dirt from accumulating in your gutters. There are many different styles of gutter guards, from vertical aluminum slats, bottle brushes that sit directly inside the gutter, fiber mesh guards that cover the top, and foam guards that filter water.

While gutter guards sound like the perfect solution to your gutter cleaning woes, incorrectly installing them over your gutter can cause a worse and faster-acting problem. For example, if a tree grows close enough to your roof that leaves regularly fall into your gutters, a gutter mesh may simply catch the leaves and block the water from draining correctly. If you choose to try a gutter guard, choose the correct size and follow the installation instructions exactly.

4. Watch for Mold and Rust

While cleaning or inspecting your gutters, always keep an eye out for deterioration like mold growing from neglected debris or rust eating through paint. This might offer you a sign of your gutter’s age and if the time is right to get them replaced.

5. Hire the Right Professionals

If you find that your roof and gutter problems have become more serious than you can handle yourself, consider hiring the professionals at Affordable Gutter Service. Our friendly technicians will get the job done without leaving a mess behind. Contact us for reliable gutter services today!