Can You Clean Gutters in the Winter?

With the dropping temperatures and upcoming forecasts of snow, you might be wondering if it’s too late to clean your gutters this year. It’s important that you keep up with your gutters year-round. Cleaning your gutters in the fall or spring is a much better idea, but you can clean your gutters. But with winter can come harsh weather, which is why you must follow certain steps to stay safe if you decide to clean your gutters during the winter.

Winter Gutter Cleaning Safety

When cleaning your gutters during the winter, the most important thing to remember is that the temperature must be above freezing. This is not only a safety precaution for you, but if your gutters and everything inside them are a frozen solid block of ice, you won’t have any luck with your cleaning.

Be Cautious of Ice

If you’re cleaning your gutters during the winter, there is likely going to be ice and snow everywhere, including on the ground. You need to be extra cautious when using a ladder and walking. For best safety, make sure the feet of your ladder are rubber so that your ladder doesn’t slide and that the soles of your shoes are also rubber.

Don’t Use Your Hands for Cleaning

If you’re cleaning out snow and ice from your gutters with your hands, your hands will quickly go numb, even if you are using gloves. We do not recommend cleaning your gutters with your hands during the winter. Instead, use a scooper to clean out the inside of your gutters and your roof from any snow and ice. If icicles are hanging from your roof and gutters, consider finding an item that you can pick away at these easily.

Winter Gutter Issues

If you do plan to clean your gutters during the winter, here are some problematic areas that will likely need your attention:

Ice Damming

Ice damming happens when warm air from your home, likely from the attic, causes the snow on your roof to melt. This melted snow makes its way to the gutter, and when it comes in contact with the cold gutters, it refreezes. If your home has this issue, trust experts like Affordable Gutter Service to handle the problem at hand.

Winter Storm Damage

Harsh winter storms can cause a lot of damage, leaving your gutters a mess. Depending on the damage to your gutters, this may be something you can clean on your own. But if the damage extends to your roof, you should consider hiring professionals.

Ice Weighing Down Your Gutters

If you have a buildup of ice weighing down your gutters, it’s important to clean it out before it causes significant damage. Depending on the weight of the ice, it could cause your gutters to detach from your home.

If you are attempting to clean your gutters this winter, remember to never clean them if the temperature is below freezing. If the temperature is above freezing, consider hiring Affordable Gutter Service in St. George to get the job done instead. Our professionals are experts at gutter cleaning and are equipped to remain safe while doing so in the winter. Contact us today for more information.