6 Ways to Quiet Your Noisy Gutters

The sound of water trickling and dripping down rain gutter downspouts can be especially annoying when you need peace and quiet to work or sleep. There can be several reasons for downspouts to make that noise, luckily, most of them are easy to fix.

Let’s look at some possible causes and their solutions.

Metal Elbow Pipes

Water drops in a metal elbow are much louder than in a plastic or vinyl pipe, so this could be the cause of all the noise in your gutters. Metal is also liable to rust due to constant exposure to water. For a quieter pipe, change your metal elbows to PVC pipes—plus, they’re rust-proof!

Downspout Angle

Adjust the angle of the end of your downspout so that the water flows out away from the house instead of dripping right next to it. This can help in reducing the noise of water dripping directly onto the ground right next to the wall or window.


If you insulate the downspout, it will absorb the sound and vibration of dripping water, leading to a muffled, almost non-existent noise. You will love the newfound quiet when it rains.


A piece of sponge, turf, or any other soft and absorbent material placed underneath the opening of the gutter will instantly absorb all the drips that fall on it. Using a sponge will not only cancel out the sounds, but there won’t be annoying puddles under the gutters either.


A piece of rope that trails down the rain gutter, end to end, will absorb all the noise of the dripping water. It’s a pretty neat and easy trick.

Loose Screws

If there’s anything loose in your gutters, it’s bound to make weird sounds every time the water or wind shakes it. Make sure nothing is loose or clanking inside your gutter system.

If your rain gutters are making a lot of noise, it’s usually an easily fixable problem. If you are at your wit’s end, it might be time to call in the pros. Affordable Gutters can fix these and all gutter problems at affordable rates. Contact us for quieter gutters today!