5 Tips for Long-Lasting Gutters

Gutters are a feature of your home that you probably don’t think about much until they start causing problems. The point of gutters is to collect rainwater from the roof and direct the water away from the home. Because gutters move excess water out, they prevent water damage to the roof, foundation, and more.

Unfortunately, gutters don’t last forever, but they can last longer if you take a few simple gutter maintenance steps to take care of them.

These five tips will increase the lifespan of your gutters so you can save money on costly water damage repairs:

1. Request Gutter Services from Professionals

Cleaning your gutters often is essential since it keeps them clear of outdoor debris that builds up over time. If you’re particularly handy, you may be able to clean the gutters on your own, but doing so can be dangerous.

Instead of dealing with ladders, if you live in the St. George area, it’s safer to request Utah gutter services from Affordable Gutter Service. Our technicians can safely clean your gutters and check for damage or potential concerns.

2. Place Gutter Guards

While most gutters catch natural debris like leaves and twigs, large items will clog the downspouts. These clogs lead to built-up trash and debris that can cause cracks or other structural issues in the gutters.

One of the simplest ways to prevent clogs is to install a gutter guard. You can look into this process on your own or talk to a gutter maintenance professional for assistance.

3. Remove Branches Near the Gutters

Trees may make your yard look beautiful, but they can quickly fill gutters up. Trimming the trees near your roof can keep the gutters clear and protect your roof from falling branches. You could also hire professionals to install a leaf guard to lessen leg built-up, but keeping large branches trimmed up is critical.

4. Place Downspouts Correctly

The downspouts should be around three to ten feet from your home’s foundation. This correct placement ensures that water is kept away from the home, so it doesn’t cause water damage. Plus, pooling water can be a hazard. If your downspouts are too close to your house, request gutter services from experts like Affordable Gutter Service to have them moved.

5. Apply Sealant Products

Finally, you can keep your gutters in tip-top shape by asking a professional to apply sealants and end caps. These services are only necessary every five years or so, but they will prevent wear and tear.

Keep Your Gutters In Great Shape

Routine maintenance is the best way to extend your gutters’ lifespan. Our professionals at Affordable Gutter Service can repair, maintain, and replace gutters in the St. George, UT, area. Call today to find out more or to book an appointment.